Fire Manifesto

FIRE is a poetry magazine with a big reputation and represents big value for money. It appears twice a year (March, October) and each issue contains 170 pages of poetry (mostly) and some prose. It is radical, multicultural and international in outlook, and publishes a broad range of poetry from around the world. It tends towards the more alternative end of the poetry spectrum, and is interested in poetry with heart, spirit, imagination, innovation, risk-taking, open-endedness, and most of all poems that have something to say. Not neat, tight, closed, clever, cynical, fashionable poems.

FIRE exists to promote unknown, little-known, new or unpublished writers and to include features on young writers and poems by children. 

Although FIRE is on e-mail, the printed magazine remains its format.

ALL submissions must be by snail-mail, and must include a stamped addressed envelope.

FIRE is available at some specialist libraries and bookshops, and at some poetry festivals, but most copies are sold by mail-order.

Single copies cost 5.00; a subscription for two issues costs £7.00; a subscription for three issues costs £9.00. Please send a cheque or postal order made out to FIRE.

To subscribe or submit, send to:
Jeremy Hilton,
Field Cottage, Old White Hill,
Tackley, Kidlington,
Oxon, OX5 3AB, UK.