Outside my mind is a hard outer shell
As hard as titanium but broken by a smile
A strong figure shows whilst inside it may crumble
It deceives others
Tells lies to the eyes
Whilst no one knows what it's feeling inside.

Inside my mind is a black hole full of mixed feelings
Both sane and insane
A honeycombed maze
of emotions, you can't possibly pass
Then darkness unmeasured in a tight mass.

My mind dreams
Of things in the future and things that have been
One night it's dying next it's flying
But no one knows what this means
Then it's a mobile hanging from the ceiling.
Kept spinning my emotions
Unchecked and unchallenged.

If I gave my mind to you
Your world would be perfect
The mystery of life would be solved
Passed beyond measure.

Without my mind
I would be like a sheep without a shepherd
A jigsaw with a piece missing
Like butter spread over too much bread
I would crumble and dieFall over, unable to get back up
Walk away somewhere not knowing the way outTrapped for eternity,
Worse than dead.

FIRE 24, p 175; Declan O'Callaghan