Cathedral Key

She sees visions ... in the night. They're not dreams.
Under her breath ... of course.

She holds her breath. The water's turning ... rainbow,
and she'll drown, waterlogged and comfortable, purple, white.
All the hurt in the world ... spare me ... spare me.

It's at the very bottom ... clear, glittering.
There is the bell of discovery ... the music of discovery,
it makes urban legends of us all.
Here the sigil ... arranged. She takes the sigil, swimming away.

She has to cut herself, to sink, to dip, coated, into the flooded basement.
There ... a secret life of workings. (gutterheart)
(wedding ... heart)


(cathedral key) There's the horror of a body here, in candlelight.
My ... dear. She is swimming to the ancient room, where she is
a small star, surfacing. (marriageheart)

With ... the treatment ... it can look alive ...
with just the breath of life. It can be a vague mechanical approximation
of she ... in a secret place ... she of secrets ... all of them to be here

killing. Bring her face out of the water, I am scared it's me.
I am scared it's mine, key clutched. I wasn't strong enough to reach it.

FIRE 22, p 181; Chloe Meakin