I am
The ghostly form you espy
Gliding, swooping serenely over snowbound woodland,
Shadowing the mouse, the gleeful little mouse,
Rustling so merrily, down below me.

I am
Moon-follower, star-shaker,
My feathers smooth as watered silk,
Screaming my unearthly cry
To all who stand around.

I am
Searching, my resiny eyes ablaze,
Flaunting my plumage of ivory and ebony hue,
My ready talons of needle point sharpness,
In my sunless twilight world.

I am
Snow-skimmer, comet-watcher,
Soaring through the darkened trees,
My hunting successful,
Ears picking up a million midnight sounds.
I am

Fire 16; Zoe Froggatt (written at age 10)