Blue Line

I would be a line, crossing the canvas of a Jackson Pollock,
but not just any line:
I would be a big, blue bar.
One of the Blue Bars,
In gloss paint,
Shouting romance,
A metal menace...
Most of all: reams and reams of paint.

Think thick and thin,
Layers poured, in a uniquely nonsensical fashion,
And me, poured boldly over the whole thing.
Your eyes discover me.
Look across the stripes;
Look beyond the stripes
Until you are lost in a tangled web of elastic colours.

These cobwebs of his mind,
They move slowly, like paths planning his thoughts across
rectangular plains.
Planes, surface, definition
And boundaries are lost
And crossed
When I come
To be, to announce, to be

I am Blue and beating the background,
Beating the loudest, faster than your heartbeat,
Bigger than everything.

See the picture with the blue lines

And please buy the postcard as you leave.

Fire 16; Ellie Cox