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Children's Poems

What's More Important : Gabi Brock The Tourist Board : Maria Achieng Onyango Transition : Zoe Froggatt Untitled : Declan O'Callaghan The Woodcutter : Laura Seymour My Bedroom : Simon Thomas Blue Line : Ellie Cox Bonfire Night : Katherine Davidson Capture : Zoe Froggatt The Chase : Arabella Toler The Doughnut : Jack Hughes The Fiddler : Kit Foster The Haunting Of The Supermarket : Adam James The Hurricane : Daniel Lomas Owl : Zoe Froggatt Poppies : Zoe Froggatt The Rambler : Katherine Davidson Space : Shona Marshall Terrorists Of The Rainforest : Jessica Rees Energy: Kate Davidson A Gap Somewhere: Malcolm Hayden-Smith Heaven: Sophia Vaughan-Hodkinson Journey: Rebecca M. Wilson 11.08.2002: Gavin Mark Lewis Pretty Obituary: Lora Bishop Solstice: Claire Louise Hunt The Core: Zoe Froggatt

Poem Selection

Plastic Bullets: Willard Gellis My Twin Born Dead: Albert Huffstickler The Warriors: Albert Huffstickler Into the Mouth of the Dying Day: Michael Gilmore The Invention Of The Fado: Philip Levine The Art Of Naming: R. G. Cantalupo Mental Anaesthetic: Lucy Ashman Pastoral Virelay: Lisa Mansell Crossing: Catherine Hales Doll's House: John Davies A Girl: John Ash Good Friday Poem: Grace Gauld Lost: Joanna Ashwell White Door Frame: Jesse Lee Kercheval In the Square: Ruvi Simmons Cathedral Key: Chloe Meakin Catholic School: Lyn Lifshin Leaves Marching: Helen McGregor